I provide consulting, coaching and counseling to adults, teens, children, families and groups. I enjoy helping people with life transitions and finding new ways of solving old problems. I am especially interested in non-drug based options to coping with life’s challenges.

I have helped people with a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, loss, marital issues, parental issues, relationship problems, career and educational concerns, health and other mental health issues and spiritual concerns.  Some areas that I have special expertise in include:


​I work with adults and children with ADD/ADHD. I am currently accepting new clients.

I am familiar with the new brain based sciences, executive functions, and how ADD/ADHD can be helped with these insights.


I have worked with many families over the years. I can assist families in several ways including but not limited to:

Helping families understand ADD/ADHD and coaching them on the best ways to work with their children or other family members.

Helping new families navigate different parenting styles or learn about parenting strategies.

Helping single parents manage child care and parenting tasks.

Helping blended families navigate step-parenting and divorced parent conflicts.


Helping families decide whether or not they want to adopt. 

Helping families who want to adopt to find the right agency or process for them.

(CT State law requires that adoptions be conducted through licensed agencies, but I can help you decide what kind of adoption and agency you might want to work with and support you through the process of adoption itself.)

Helping adoptive families with post-adoptions concerns (adjustment, inter-family, behavioral etc.)


I can help you if you are making life changes and need some help doing so, or if life events have made things difficult and you need some support. I’m here if you want someone to walk with you on an exploratory life path –  or if you are a college student struggling with a career choice, deciding whether to marry, start a family or leave your partner, change careers, retire or even how to care for elderly parents, I’m here to help you take the next steps.


I have an unusual background in the study of traditional religions and since 1980, I have also worked extensively with people who have been members of both beneficial traditional religions and harmful high demand cultic groups. I have also worked with victims of fraudulent psychics.  I help people determine for themselves whether their experiences have been positive or negative and help them with these sometimes very unusual and complex situations.


It is not unusual to experience some anxiety and/or depression when affected by any of the above situations. I am here to help you if you are.

Finally, I enjoy public speaking on any of these topics.



My rates per session are:

Individuals: $80-120

Families: $100-$150

Groups: $45 per person 

Children: $50 per session

Communities: to be determined.

Insurance is currently not accepted but Husky and CT BCBS will be added soon.

Sliding scale will be available.