About Us

My Background

Vanessa N Weber

I received my BA from Barnard College in Religious Studies, studied at Union Theological Seminary and have an MSW from Yeshiva University. I have a Post-Masters Certificate in Adoption.

I have a broad background in clinical social work and community organization. I have worked with ADD/ADHD clients, adoptive families and have even helped victims of unethical groups and psychics.

I am the former founder and director of Post-Adoption Educational Services, in Westbrook, CT. I also founded a support group for families and victims of cults in the 1980s.

New Milford Counseling, LLC provides a safe place for people to reflect, recharge,  refocus and move forward. I believe in the importance of building on personal strengths. My practice helps individuals, couples, families, people in transition and those who want to find alternative solutions to old problems. In addition to helping with general concerns, I specializes in helping ADD/ADHD clients with alternatives to medication – but will work with those who do. My other special areas of expertise are helping families, adoptive families and victims of cults, unethical psychics and high demand group experiences.


My Mission

New Milford Counseling opened its office in New Milford, CT in October 2016. I enjoy coaching, consulting and counseling a variety of clients with a variety of issues.  I am currently welcoming new clients. I am a licensed clinical social worker who likes helping individuals, couples, families and groups. I am also interested in community building.

I wish to provide a safe place for people to reflect, recharge,  refocus and move forward. I also provide alternative solutions to people who have gotten stuck and need new answers to old problems. I work with individuals, children, teens, families, groups and organizations. I enjoy providing information and helping people improve skills so that they can make measureable changes in their lives and in their communities.

I enjoy public speaking on any of these topics:

Cults, Unethical Psychics, ADHD, Executive Functions

Our Clients

Our members come from all walks of life. Adults, families, children, groups and communities are welcome to call. Anyone is welcome to call. If you want a free consultation then you’ve come to the right place. Call today and set one up.

  • Specializing in:
  • ADD/ADHD: Adults
  • ADD/ADHD: Kids 
  • Families/Parenting/Adoption
  • People in Transition or who want Life Coaching
  • Depression and Anxiety, Relationship Difficulties
  • Victims of: Unethical Groups and Psychics.

Our Location:



New Milford Counseling is located in New Milford CT in Litchfield County in Western, CT.  – I am close to Danbury and the New York State Line. I am also close to Eastern NY, Putnam and Eastern Duchess Counties. The office is also accessible by train, taxi or Uber should you need to come in from New York City. You are welcome to set up an appointment to come visit.