Vanessa N Weber

Vanessa N Weber, MSW, LCSW

I founded New Milford Counseling in late 2016, as a licensed clinical social worker. My goal is to provide a safe place for people to learn new skills, resolve old hurts, improve strengths and find new resources.

I help people with general concerns including trauma, anxiety,  depression and relationships. I specialize in helping with Executive Function problems, ADD/ADHD, marital, family and adoptive issues, life transitions and occasionally help those with concerns about unethical groups (i.e. cults) and unethical psychics (feel free to ask).



I help clients with; Executive Functioning and ADHD:

Executive Function refers to the skills that allow people to connect to the outside world.

How they direct their attention, set personal limits and boundaries, remembering to do tasks (like homework), motivation, planning and problem solving. These skills are often the ones that get people into trouble at school  and at work (procrastination, forgetting tasks, completing assignments). The skills I teach support and can replace medication. Either way, they strengthen the ability of individuals in practical supportive ways.

ADHD is a subset of Executive Functioning problems. I work with both adults and children. It is often inherited.

Adoption and Parenting:


I help families who are struggling with family related problems. These may include parenting concerns, child behavior issues, step-parent, single-parent or adoptive parent concerns. If you are considering adoption or just have parenting concerns – I would love to help you.

If you have concerns about your child or children, I can help you with some learning issues, some behavioral concerns and some developmental concerns. I am also familiar with some forms of parenting education that some have found helpful.